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St. Augustine Airport Pilots' Association
P.O. Box 1867

Saint Augustine, FL 32085


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2014 Webmaster: Kevin Barker of Leonards

SAAPA's May 2013 2nd Saturday Program!

Photos from Family Fun Day for the Aerospace Academy, April 27, 2013:

General Aviation is under Government assault. Check out AOPA's News video:

SAAPA St. Patrick's Day Social!

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St. Augustine Airport Pilots' Association is an Aviation Club.

SAAPA's Mission and Vision:

 Mission:  To Promote, Preserve and Protect the interests of the General Aviation Community at St. Augustine Airport.


Vision:  To create and foster an environment that supports the enthusiasm of pilots and aviation enthusiasts, and to encourage the camaraderie of aviation and the support of the local community.

St. Augustine Airport Pilots' Association (known as "SAAPA") is an Aviation club comprised of over 200 members.  Our members include non-pilots, pilots, and folks who understand that airplanes and aircraft are cool.  If you have an interest in aircraft or Aviation, contact us about visiting one of our 1st Friday Socials!